Arctic Freshwater Resource Dynamics and Socio-environmental Challenges Under a Changing Climate

Organized by the University of Akureyri, Western Kentucky University, the Iceland Arctic Cooperation Network, the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries, the Iceland Meteorological Office and the Icelandic Centre for Research 17. October 2015


  • Dagfinnur Sveinbjörnsson, CEO, The Arctic Circle
  • Jason Polk, Department of Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University: Freshwater Resources with Regard to a Changing Climate.
  • Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, Glaciologist, Icelandic Met Office: Glaciers and ice caps in the Arctic region: Present status and future scenarios.
  • Steingrímur Jónsson, Professor of Physical Oceanography, University of Akureyri: Fate of freshwater in the Arctic Ocean and its climate significance.
  • Jón Ólafsson, Senior Scientist, Institute of Freshwater Fisheries: Freshwater Ecosystems in the Arctic.
  • Leslie North, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University: Problem-solving: Engaging community and stakeholders through effective education and communication.


  • Embla Eir Oddsdóttir, Director, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network