Arctic Governance and Domestic Practices

Organized by Polar Law Institute 18. October 2015

When discussing Arctic Governance scholars usually refer to treaties and other international instruments, domestic legislation and governance, indigenous rights and the Arctic Council.

In this breakout session the focus will be on all these issues, with an emphasis on the possibilities of the West-Nordic Countries Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland to cooperate as Arctic nations in order to further develop and improve Arctic Governance.


  • Ágúst Thór Árnason, Director, Polar Law Institute; Adjunct, Faculty of Law, University of Akureyri
  • Bárður Larsen, Supervisor and Adjunct in Law, Fróðskaparsetrið
  • Federica Scarpa, Project Manager, Arctic Portal
  • Mininnguaq Kleist, Director in the Premier’s Office, Greenland: Priorities of the Government of Greenland in the Light of Self-Government.
  • Natalia Loukacheva, Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Governance and Law/Associate Professor, University of Northern British Columbia


  • Embla Eir Oddsdóttir, Director, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network