Renewable Energy Development in the Arctic: Circumpolar Projects that Advance Knowledge Sharing

Organized by the Institute of the North 15. August 2016

Saturday, October 8, 14:30-15:30

Location: Main Hall, Þjóðmenningarhúsið (National Centre for Cultural Heritage)

The Arctic region as a whole is a global leader in renewable energy development, however most development has occurred at the national or regional level with little pan-Arctic engagement. 

As a result, stakeholders from around the Arctic have indicated a need to share scientific data, best practices, research results, and local knowledge to encourage adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies that take advantage of the lessons learned and expertise gained across the region. A number of high-level projects are underway that will promote science-based decision making as well as encourage clean energy development. This session highlights some of these initiatives led by partners from the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group, Arctic Fulbright Initiative program, Institute of the North, Alaska Center for Energy and Power, and the World Wildlife Fund. These projects are designed to 1) create an online pan-Arctic atlas of renewable energy resources and development and complimentary tool for knowledge sharing; 2) develop a guide of best practices for remote community renewable energy integration and efficiency; and 3) build training and knowledge-sharing opportunities to increase capacity within Arctic regions, with a special emphasis on the unique challenges of remote energy systems in off-grid communities. 


  • Greg Poelzer, Executive Chair of ICNGD;  Professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan: Renewable and Remote Energy Development in the Arctic: An Arctic Fulbright Initiative.
  • George Roe, Adjunct Research Professor, University of Alaska at Fairbanks; Program Manager, Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA), UAF: An SDWG Project – Arctic Remote Energy Network Academy.
  • Nils Andreassen, Project Manager, Institute of the North: Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas: An SDWG Project for Renewable Energy Data Visualization
  • Anne Mette Erlandsson Christiansen, Renewable Energy Program Director, WWF Sweden: Supporting Renewable Energy Development in Alaska, Greenland, Canada and Russia: A Project of WWF.


  • Nils Andreassen, Executive Director, Institute of the North