Arctic Rotary Connections: North to the Future

Organized by Rotary International 18. October 2015

Join us in the second Rotary Breakout. It is for anyone interested in learning more about Rotary and community service in the Arctic. All are welcome. Let’s continue building an active network of Rotarians in the Arctic.

Join us again in fellowship to connect, share your stories of projects, and discuss our future life in the North. We met last year at Arctic Circle conference and then started the Arctic Rotary Connections facebook page. Let’s get together again, and more Rotarians from all 8 Arctic nations. Life is different in the North. Bring your questions and stories about your club and projects. Let’s build Arctic Rotary Connections! And remember, Rotarians, this counts as a Make-Up!


  • Joseph Davis, Vice President, ConsultNorth; Anchorage Rotary Club
  • Sandra Medearis, Nome Rotary Club, Nome Alaska
  • Elizabeth Shea, Alaska Nanuuq Commission; Chair for the New Generation Committee for Anchorage Downtown Rotary

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