Arctic Rotary Connections: Rotary, It’s about Life!

Organized by Rotary International 15. August 2016

Saturday, October 8, 14:30-15:30

Location: Sæbjörg S&R Vessel

Join us with our third Rotary Breakout session. Rotary is about community, local and world wide. We are the Rotarians of the Arctic, working to build our northern neighborhood. We live, work and play in the Arctic, our home. And, we are a service non-profit organization.

During this breakout we will join together to discuss this year, “what's next”? We all see the the changes in nature, the weather and even the economy up here. Let’s discuss what these changes mean now, and for our future. Let’s build our northern neighborhood. All are welcome, Rotarians, residents of the north, all interested in the Arctic and what is next! How are we facing these changes? Rotary, It’s about life! (And Rotarians, this counts as a make-up!)


  • Joseph Davis, Vice President, ConsultNorth; Anchorage Rotary Club
  • Sandra Medearis, Nome Rotary Club
  • Elizabeth Shea, Alaska Nanuuq Commission; Chair for the New Generation Committee for Anchorage Downtown Rotary