Arctic Security: Security Policies, Defense Strategies, and Regional Security in the Arctic

Organized by the Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security 17. October 2015


  • Rasmus Bertelsen, Professor, University of Tromsø – Norway's Arctic University and Oda Andersen Nyborg, MA Student, University of Tromsø: A Comparative Study of Nordic Arctic Security Policies.
  • Gustav Pétursson, PhD Candidate, University of Lapland: A "High North" Policy for NATO in the Arctic?
  • Andreas Østhagen, Fellow and PhD Candidate, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo: Norwegian and Canadian Security in the Arctic: A Tale of Two Worlds.
  • Marc Lanteigne, Senior Research Fellow, NUPI: Ties that Bind: The Emerging Regional Security Complex in the Arctic.


  • Raimo Väyrynen, Professor (emeritus), Chair of Board, University of Lapland, Finland