Arctic Summer College: Arctic Exchange in the Digital Age

Organized by the Ecologic Institute Berlin and the Ecologic Institute Washington, DC 15. October 2015

This session showcases the Arctic Summer College (ASC) program, an international circumpolar exchange of interdisciplinary research that fosters the establishment of virtual exchange among Arctic professionals.

The ASC, already in its fourth year, creates a virtual network of emerging leaders and experts who are brought together for eight weeks in a series of web-based seminars. The program aims to build a lasting, policy-oriented network of Arctic professionals to strengthen communication between peoples and nations, scientific disciplines, policy areas, and across the science-policy interface to improve governance and sustainable development in the Arctic.

Participating Fellows are early- to mid-career individuals with experience and interest in Arctic governance topics, and are connected through an online network of expert speakers and program alumni. As part of this session, we are proud to invite two of our outstanding Fellows from this year’s ASC program to present their work at the Arctic Circle Assembly.


  • Arne Riedel, Director, Arctic Summer College
  • Max Gruenig, Director, Arctic Summer College

Arctic Summer Collage Fellows:

  • Heather Exner-Pirot, Strategist, University of Saskatchewan: Innovation in the Arctic: Squaring the Circle
  • Andreas Kuersten, Law Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces: The Arctic Digital Divide


  • Max Gruenig, Director, Arctic Summer College