Data centers in the Arctic: The Experience of Iceland

Organized by Verne Global 15. October 2015

The Arctic is quickly becoming a model for maximizing clean and sustainable industry without damaging local environments. The region’s natural resources create the perfect environment for an industry at the heart of the worldwide data technology revolution – data centers.

The abundant supply of low-cost, green, hydro-electric and geothermal power – plus the ability to cool computer servers via the region’s naturally cool ambient air – is transforming the Arctic into one of the world's most sustainable and cost-effective data center regions

In this session we will hear from both Verne Global, the country's largest data center operator, and independent game developer, CCP Games, who utilizes Verne Global’s campus to aid development of their EVE Online game series. Both companies will share their insights on how the data center industry is creating new and sustainable economic opportunities for both Iceland and the Arctic region.


  • Dominic Ward, Executive Director, Verne Global
  • Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP