Education and Capacity Building in the Arctic: Integrating Western and Local Indigenous Knowledge into Education at Different Levels

Organized by Bifröst University, Iceland and the University of the Arctic 17. October 2015


  • Diane Hirshberg, Professor of Education and Policy and Director, Center for Alaska Education Policy, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Andrey Petrov, Associate Professor and Director, ARTICenter, University of Northern Iowa, USA
  • Kirsi Latola, Director, UArctic Thematic Networks: Capacity building in Arctic communities and universities.
  • Kirk Anderson, Memorial University, Canada: Integrating Traditional Knowledge into Education.
  • Sylvia Moore, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education, Labrador Institute of Memorial University: Community-based indigenous teacher Education.
  • Laila Nutti, Sámi University College, Norway: Early childhood education.
  • Gordon Brower, Whaling Captain, North Slope Borough School District, Alaska: Integration of traditional and scientific knowledge in Barrow.


  • Auður H Ingólfsdóttir, Assistant Professor, Bifröst University