Film session: Polish Exploration of the Changing Arctic

Organized by: Centre for Polar Studies, Poland & Polish Polar Consortium 5. September 2017

Poland has a long and rich tradition of Arctic exploration and research. Nowadays, Poles are involved in numerous polar projects, manage the year-round Polish Polar Station Hornsund in Svalbard, operate the research vessel s/y Oceania, have well-trained and experienced polar researchers of all career stages studying crucial problems of the changing Arctic.
This session will show Polish Arctic exploration from different points of view: tough conditions during fieldwork; daily life in a research station; beauty in cold landscapes that forces researchers and explorers to come back to the High North over and over again.

Short films:

  • Poles north of the Arctic Circle - Polish Polar Station Hornsund, directed by Piotr Łepkowski, Centre for Polar Studies, Poland
  • Polish Exploration of the Arctic, directed by Piotr Łepkowski, Centre for Polar Studies, Poland
  • A few people at the top of the world, directed by Robert Pogorzelski, Poland


  • Marek Lewandowski, Head of the Department of Polar Research, Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • Anna Temp, PhD student of psychology, University of Edinburgh