Global Impacts in the Arctic – Implications of the Globalized Arctic Worldwide

Organized by the GlobalArctic Project, and Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security 13. September 2017

While globalization impacts the Arctic, many things that are currently happening in the Arctic have global implications and consequences, be it in ecological (Earth System dynamics), in economic (resources extracted from the Arctic, Arctic shipping) and geo-political terms (conflicts arising around Arctic resources and other economic issues).

Friday, October 13, 16:25 - 17:55
Location: Silfurberg A, Second Level

In other words, the Arctic region has become part and parcel of systemic global environmental, economic, technological, cultural and political change. In this session, we will discuss the ‘globalized’ Arctic as a place both produced by global processes and affecting global processes, as well as initiating potential innovations for policy formulations, through the way its transformation is being governed.


  • Cécile Pelaudeix, Associate Professor, Aarhus University & Research associate PACTE-Sciences Po Grenoble: International Norm Dynamics and Arctic Governance
  • Michael Byers, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia: Arctic International Law is Global International Law
  • Florian Vidal – Ph.D. Candidate, University of Paris Descartes: Globalized Arctic: From the Andean Mountains to the Barents region
  • Alexander Pelyasov, Director, Center for the Arctic and Northern economies: Corporate Russian Arctic: Role of Russian Arctic Resource Corporations Locally and Globally
  • Lassi Heininen, Professor, University of Lapland: A Lesson to Learn from Arctic Geopolitics – High Stability as an Asset to (Re)Formulate World Politics?


Matthias Finger, Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL):