In the Centre of Greenland Climate Research

Organized by the Greenland Climate Research Centre at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. 11. September 2017

The Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC) is an interdisciplinary research group combining climate research in social and natural sciences. Placed in Greenland and part of the Greenlandic society, GCRC has unique knowledge about Greenlandic marine ecosystem, the dynamics created by the melt from the icecap and the effects on the Greenlandic society.

Friday, October 13, 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Akrafjall, Fourth Level

Besides GCRC is a strong partner in the development of the new educational initiatives in natural and health sciences at Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland). In the first presentation the newly announced strategy for GCRC will be presented together with an overview of the new educational activities in Greenland. In the three following presentations speakers will present new results, activities, future plans and importance and value to the society within three key research areas of GCRC. The presentations will be followed by discussions and questions.


  • Malene Simon, Head of the Greenland Climate Research Centre: New strategy for the Greenland Climate Research Centre.
  • Lorenz Meire, PostDoc, Greenland Climate Research Centre: Effects of glacial melt on marine ecosystems.
  • Diana Krawczyk, Scientist, Greenland Climate Research Centre: Benthic Mapping in the Arctic.
  • Caroline Bouchard, Scientist at the Greenland Climate Research Centre: Pelagic Ecosystem Monitoring.