limate service innovation & enhancing climate resilience in Arctic businesses

Organized by: Climate-KIC Aps 11. September 2017

Climate services are seen as a key to closing the gap between research institutions and business. In the Arctic, climate services represent a unique opportunity to create tangible benefit from work being conducted at the forefront of climate science; to enhance the climate resilience of Arctic industries whilst providing businesses with opportunities to achieve blue-green growth. Climate-service development however, is in its relative infancy and development pathways are poorly established.

Sunday, October 15, 08:00 - 09:00

This session will evaluate the long-term climate resilience strategies of Arctic businesses; discuss why and how such services are to be made available to all Arctic stakeholders; and explore how climate-resilient innovations can be accelerated to meet the growing demands of the Arctic economy.
How can the products of climate-service development be effectively incorporated into long-term business strategies? In this session, business actors, climate service developers, and policy makers will examine the future development of climate service and other climate-related technologies, and the infrastructure needed to foster innovation in this field.


  • Mark Payne, Senior Researcher, Danish Technical University: Introduction to climate-services; the opportunities and the benefits
  • Anna Karlsdóttir, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio: Climate services and their role in long-term business strategy
  • Mads Randbøll Wolff, Project Manager, Nordic Ministry Council for the Nordic Pavilion at COP23: Arctic SME’s and achieving climate resilience
  • Peter Vangsbo, Nordic Business Developer Climate-KIC: Facilitating greater innovation within climate services and climate-resilience, breaking down knowledge silos


Solveig Zophoniasdottir, Climate KIC