North in Focus: Youth Voices of Integrative Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

Organized by North in Focus Mental Health Organization 13. September 2017

Youth Voices of Integrative Mental Health and Suicide Awareness introduces the current efforts made by youth on the topic of mental health and suicide, focusing on the work of North in Focus as a non-profit organization while integrating the perspectives of other youth councils and initiatives. 

Friday, October 13, 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Norðurljós, Second Level


Being youth led and youth focused, NIF aims to contribute to mental health resource accessibility in Canada’s North through developing avenues of self-expression. The implementation of these unique techniques for youth empowerment has merited the onset of experiential education potential in healthcare. The breakout discussion strives to define both the importance and potential procedures of integrating youth perspectives in mental health policy reforms and implementation, especially for programs and initiatives that directly affect the noted demographic.


  • Eva Wu - Co-Founder, Finance and Media Coordinator of North in Focus; Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Youth Ambassador for Parks Canada: The History of North in Focus and the Power of Communication through Photography.
  • Ashley Cummings - Northern Consultant, Alumni and Ambassador Coordinator of North in Focus: Personal Experience of Mental Health in the North and the Wellness Attached to Culture and Intergenerational Healing.