Observing the Last Frontier: A Journey Through the Arctic in 2050

Organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), the World Climate Research Programme, and the International Polar Partnership Initiative (IPPI) 17. October 2015

Join the studio audience for our special televised panel discussion hosted by David Eades from BBC World. On Saturday 17 October from 15.30-17.00 the World Meteorological Organization invites you to join our panel of world-leading experts in the Kaldalón Room where they will discuss what climate and weather information will be needed to successfully journey through the Arctic Circle in 2050.


  • Karin Lochte, Director, Alfred-Wegener Institute: The Recent Science – The Role of the Arctic in the Earth System.
  • Petteri Taalas, Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute: Weather and Climate Information Services for the Arctic.
  • Tero Vauraste, President and CEO, Arctic Shipping
  • Michael Kingston, Partner, DWF


  • David Eades, BBC World