Ocean Food Systems in the Arctic

Organized by the University of New England 15. October 2015

Through presentations and facilitated discussion among delegates, this session aims to increase participatory dialogue on ocean seafoods in regards to their vital aspects of economics, ecology, and the future sustainability of seafood supplies.

Delegates will be engaged in an informal discussion on how we can develop an international working group on the future of Arctic seafoods production systems, trade, and seafood value chains in the Arctic that extend to Europe and North America. The session will document the changing nature of seafood systems, current institutional involvements and strengths. The session will work to initiate new networking opportunities for and through existing and new market developments.


  • Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Director, Marine Science Center, University of New England: The Emerging North Atlantic Seafood Ecosystem.
  • Patrick Arnold, Director of Operations & Business Development, Maine Port Authority: Maine and North Atlantic Seafood Trade.