Polar law: Indigenous governance

Organized by: University of Akureyri 7. September 2017

This session presents four perspectives on indigenous governance in the Arctic and promotes indigenous self-determination. Dr Wilson presents the key international instruments that aim to ensure meaningful indigenous involvement in Arctic extractive industries.

Friday, October 13, 17:55 - 19:25
Location: Skarðsheiði, Third Level

Professor Ravna explains Norways’ measures to implement ILO Convention 169 through legislation and case-law. Dr Joona examines the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate education to Sámi children living outside of traditional Sámi homeland in Finland. Finally, Ms Sheldon discusses the challenges of creating an indigenous justice system for Yukon First Nations.


  • Emma Wilson, Director, ECW Energy Ltd.; Associate, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge: Indigenous Rights and Extractive Industries in the Arctic: Evaluation of International Ethical Standards and Guidelines
  • Øyvind Ravna, Professor of Law, University of Tromsø: the Arctic University of Norway: How Norway Meets its Commitments to the Sámi under International Law: assessed by the most recent case law.
  • Tanya Joona, Senior Researcher, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: The Right to Education and Culture of Indigenous Sámi Children and Youth in Finland – Challenges of Urbanization.
  • Melaina Sheldon, B.A., Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship Alumna, Gordon Foundation (Canada): We don’t want a brown version of the YTG, in Nän K'ałädàtth'ät (Changing times, continuing ways)


Apostolos Tsiouvalas, LL.M. Polar law candidate, University of Akureyri