Prospect North: How Can Design and Technology Transform Community Engagement Across the High North?

Organized by the Scottish Government, Lateral North and Soluis Group 2. September 2016

Friday, October 7, 15:30-17:00

Location: Ríma A, Harpa First Level

Join design collectives Lateral North and Soluis as they present Prospect North, an exhibition which draws on Scotland’s relationship to the north to explore issues common to communities across the Arctic.

Using a large-scale physical and digital model, the exhibition allows people to travel to Scotland through augmented and virtual reality to experience how peripheral communities have responded to various challenges and opportunities. This will lead to a conversation among participants about how holistic planning, design and technology can play a role in shaping the future of resilient communities across the Arctic and beyond. This session will be chaired by the Scottish Government’s Chief Architect. It will include presentations and a workshop mapping out where similar scenarios are found within ‘your Arctic’ and how communities can respond to them.

Virtual reality, transporting you to Scotland, is encased within Polar Bear masks, a reflection of Scotland and the Arctic. 

Participants will be invited to take part in an interactive workshop to identify potential challenges, opportunities and outcomes from throughout the Arctic region with a specific focus on separating the Arctic into four distinct regions. These micro projects could range from architectural solutions to community orientated projects, environmental sustainability initiatives and technological opportunities.


  • Graham Hogg, Director, Lateral North
  • Tom Smith, Director, Lateral North
  • Fergus Bruce, Strategic Communications Manager, Soluis Group


  • Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect in Scotland, Scottish Government.