Regions as Arctic Developers – Sustainable Development Through Multilateral Cooperation

Organized by Troms County Council, Norway 15. August 2016

Friday, October 7, 17:00-18:30

Location: Björtuloft, Harpa Fifth Level

How can regions play a substantive role in achieving sustainable development of the Arctic?

The European Arctic with its approximately 4 million inhabitants and ice-free coastline is very different from what you usually associate with “Arctic.” Cutting-edge research together with favorable geographic and climatic conditions put ocean industries, space and cold climate technologies at the forefront of development. The favorable geographic conditions as well as research driven businesses puts Northern Norway in a unique position.
Cooperation between science, business and politics are important drivers for development, as well as regional and multilateral cooperation within the Barents Euro-Arctic Region and with the European Union.

This session will explore how the inhabitants of the Arctic can develop their own Arctic regions sustainably. At the same time it will highlight regional and multilateral cooperation, the potential of cross-border and cross-sectorial partnerships, and business opportunities in the European Arctic.


  • Cecilie Myrseth, Chair of Troms County Government: Carving out the role of regional governments in Arctic development.

  • Eirik Sivertsen, MP, Chair of the Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region: How to include regions in Arctic decision-making.
  • Oddgeir Danielsen, Director, Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics: The Barents cooperation and infrastructure development.
  • Andreas Østhagen, Senior Fellow, the Artic Institute; PhD-student, University of British Columbia: The EU and the Arctic.
  • Anne Husebekk, Rector, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway: Knowledge and cooperation as drivers for development.
  • Jan Gunnar Winther, Director, Norwegian Polar Institute: The potential of marine resources and the role of regions, businesses and multilateral cooperation
  • Anu Fredrikson, Director, Arctic Economic Council: Sustainable business development.


  • Arne O. Holm, Executive Editor, High North News