Research infrastructure in Greenland – status and visions

Organized by the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Danish Technical University in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 11. September 2017

A few short presentation about existing Greenland, Danish and foreign research infrastructure in Greenland will be the basis for a panel discussion concerning the need for new future research infrastructure in Greenland. Selected Greenland, Danish and international scientists with need for research infrastructure in Greenland will be invited to participate in the panel.

Friday, October 13, 17:55 - 19:25
Location: Viðey, Second Level


The panel discussion will address:

  • the possibilities of using a planned Danish/Greenland research hub in Greenland to coordinate infrastructure and logistics across science disciplines, universities and countries.
  • the currently increasing interest among foreign polar research institutions on establishing research infrastructure in Greenland.
  • the increasing need for improved overview of research projects and similar activities in and around Greenland.

The outcome of the discussions will be provided as a report to the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Greenland Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Church and will further be reported at the annual meeting in Forum of Arctic Research Operators at Arctic Science Summit Week 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, June 2018.
The breakout session is coordinated with the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and should be seen as a breakout session relating to the plenum session by the Danish Realm with the title: ‘New Opportunities. Arctic Science from research to practice’.


  • “Existing Greenlandic/Danish research infrastructure in Greenland”
    • Morten Rasch, University of Copenhagen
    • Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen, Aarhus University
  • Jennifer Mercer, US-NSF: U.S. Infrastructure for Scientific Research in Greenland
  • Konrad Steffen, Swiss Polar Institute: Swiss Camp Climatology, 1990 – 2017
  • Yong Yu, Polar Research Institute of China: China’s plans concerning establishment of a research station in Greenland
  • Nicole Biebow, Alfred Wegener Institute (EU-PolarNet): EU-PolarNet – Recommendations for European research
  • Margareta Johansson, Lund University (INTERACT): Pan-arctic cooperation between research infrastructures – INTERACT
  • Søren Rysgaard, Aarhus University: A short history of marine research 1994 to 2017 in Greenland
  • Bo Elberling, University of Copenhagen: Future needs for research infrastructure in the ice-free part of Greenland
  • Frej Sorento Dichmann, Ministry of Higher Education and Science: Potential for an international research hub in Greenland
  • Sten Lund, Greenland Government: Greenland Research Strategy, International Research HUB in Greenland


Morten Pejrup, University of Copenhagen.