Security Concerns in the Arctic

Organized by the Arctic and High North Project, University of Hull 17. October 2015

The panel will address a broad range of internationally relevant and pressing security concerns in the Arctic. This broadness of range is deliberate. By keeping the definition of "security" broad we hope to increase participation and include all those at the Article Circle who are interested all notions of "Arctic Security". By bringing these people together we hope to increase participation in Arctic dialogue and increase the international focus on current and future security concerns in the Arctic.


  • Caroline Kennedy, Professor of War Studies, Head of the School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, University of Hull: State Security Concerns: Great Powers and the Arctic.
  • Michèle Olivier, Reader in Law, University of Hull; Member of the International Law Association’s working group on Non State Actors: Human Security Concerns: Indigenous Securities and Insecurities. 
  • James I. Rogers, Fellow of the Centre for Security Studies, Project Director, High North and Arctic Policy, University of Hull: The Militarisation of the Arctic: Analysing the Past, Discussing the Future.
  • Rear-Admiral Nicholas Lambert, Chairman of the Scott Polar Research Institute; Master Mariner: Economic and Environmental Security Concerns: Blue Economy and the Arctic.


  • James I. Rogers