Shipping regulation, Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Bering Strait Region

Organized by: WWF-Russia and WWF-US (Arctic Program) 5. September 2017

The session will address transboundary cooperation in shipping and environmental protection in a rapidly changing climate, with a focus on the Bering Strait region and opportunities for the two coastal states, U.S. and Russia, to cooperate on minimizing and mitigating existing and future threats. 

Friday, October 13, 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Skarðsheiði, Third Level

As ship traffic in the Arctic region grows due to environmental change and increasing economic activity, Arctic waters will require greater stewardship by the coastal states as well as the international maritime community. Transport of oil and gas increases the likelihood of vessel collision, grounding, or unintentional discharge; in the Arctic the challenges of northern weather and climate add increased risk. Lack of modern charting of the region, difficulties with communications technology, and climatic complications of the far north pose significant challenges. Transboundary areas like the Bering Strait present unique management issues and impose an additional burden on responsible agencies on both sides of the Strait.


  • Rebecca Pincus, US Coast Guard, Center for Arctic Study and Policy: Global insights for transboundary waterways management in sensitive and congested maritime spaces
  • Vladimir Vasilyev, Deputy Director, Central Marine Research & Design Institute of the Russian Federation (Safety of Navigation and Maritime Law): Ship Routeing measures in the Russian Federation and its particularities in the Arctic and the Bering Strait
  • Alexander Moiseev, WWF-Russia Marine Program: Shipping threats in the Bering Strait and potential protective measures
  • Elena Agarkova, Esq., WWF-US Arctic Program: Bering Beaufort Chukchi Ecosystem – Shared Marine Values
  • Mike Emerson, Director of Marine Transportation Systems, United States Coast Guard: U.S. approach to decreasing risks of shipping in the Bering Strait and opportunities for bilateral cooperation
  • Representative of the Russian Ministry of Transportation: Safety of navigation in the Russian Arctic/Bering Strait