Sustainable Development in Northern Québec: Challenges and Innovation

Organized by the Québec Northern Institute and the Sociéte du Plan Nord du Québec 17. October 2015

Social issues associated with northern development concern and engage northern populations, policymakers, businesses, scientists and technologists. A major challenge is to reach a common vision to ensure a harmonious and sustainable development of the North. Quebec's Plan Nord, which was presented by the Quebec Government at the Arctic Circle Conference in 2014, offers a unique opportunity to meet that challenge and share knowledge with other circumpolar nations.

This session on Sustainable development in Northern Québec aims to exchange views on research and partnership which are conditions required to achieve sustainable development for projects in the circumpolar world, such as the Plan Nord. The session will use a format that combines Quebec and international experts who will present their perspectives on development challenges. It will also provide a forum to reflect on the contribution of circumpolar research to the global efforts for a sustainable earth.


  • The Honourable Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec

Part A: Québec Research Experience in the North:

  • Maryse Lassonde, Scientific Director of the Québec Nature and Technology Research Fund
  • Louis Fortier, Scientific director of ArcticNet, Université Laval: A decade of research by the ArcticNet network of center of excellence.
  • Marcel Babin, Director of TAKUVIK Joint International Laboratory, Université Laval and CNRS: Arctic research, partnership, and new perspectives: Sentinel North.
  • Nicole Biebow, Head of International Cooperation Unit, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (Alfred Wegener Institute)
  • René Therrien, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, Université Laval, The Institut Nordique du Québec: Bringing research to innovation.
  • Lars Lövgren, Kemiska Institutionen Umeå University, Sweden: The circumpolar network of ecotoxicology with mining industry as part of U. of Arctic.

Part B: Building Capacity Through Innovation: Experiences from Québec Organizations in the North:

  • Christos Sirros, Agent-General, Québec Government Office in London
  • Adamie Delisle Alaku, Vice-président, Renewable Resources, Makivik Corporation: The Makivik Corporation as a demonstration of leadership in the capacity building in the North.
  • Gaétan Lantagne, General Manager, Institut de recherche Hydro-Québec: Emerging energy technologies and R&D opportunities for northern areas.

Concluding Remarks:

  • Yves Bégin, Vice Rector of Research, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS): New scientific skills needed for Québec Plan Nord, challenges for universities.
  • Robert Sauvé, President and CEO, Société du Plan Nord of Québec: The Plan Nord of Québec: challenges for society.