Swiss Research and the Arctic: climate dynamics based on ice cores and atmospheric measurements

Organized by: Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs 5. September 2017

The session will give insight into the various scientific contributions of Switzerland, an Observer State to the Arctic Council, to the polar research.

Saturday, October 14, 11:20 - 12:00
Location: Ríma A, Ground Level

From pristine preindustrial atmospheric conditions to sooty air – understanding climate dynamics based on ice cores and atmospheric measurements from the Polar Regions represents an opportunity to develop sustainability strategies from a regional to a global scale.

The presentation of the historic as well as the recent climate records will set the stage for a discussion on strategies to allow for a sustainable future of the Arctic. A series of brief presentations will follow and will highlight the latest findings based on the analyses of polar ice cores and air pollution, in particular those related to the natural state of the climate system of the Polar Regions


  • Julia Schmale, Ph.D., Researcher, Paul Scherrer Institute: Influences of anthropogenic particulates on climate
  • Thomas Stocker, Professor, University of Bern, past Co-chair of IPPC AR 5 WG 1 – The Physical Science Basis: The Polar Areas: Archive of Earth System Vulnerability


Stefan Flückiger, Ambassador, Head of Global Issues, Coordinator of Arctic Policies, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland