The Arctic Ocean – Icelandic Solutions

Organized by Hafið, the Icelandic Center of Excellence for Sustainable use and Conservation of the Ocean 16. August 2016

Friday, October 7, 17:00-18:30

Location: Skarðsheiði, Harpa Third Level

Hafið is a roundtable for private and public entities in ocean related operations. Hafið's main focus is innovation and policy for the benefit of the ocean.

This is done through roundtable discussions, collaborative projects and considerable outreach to related parties. In this breakout session, Hafið will present both results of collaborative projects and innovative solutions from members. Technological solutions are the main topic here, wrapping up with a talk on the importance of cross border cooperation in order to fast-track environmental solutions for the ocean.


  • Sigríður Ragna Sverrisdóttir, General manager, Hafið
  • Þorsteinn Svanur Jónsson, Manager of Business Development, ARK Technology
  • Davíð Lúðvíksson, Director – Strategy and innovation, The Federation of Icelandic Industries
  • Einar Skaftason, Trawl designer, Hampiðjan