The Greenlandic ice service in a changing Arctic

Organized by Danish Meteorological Institute 13. September 2017

The change and reduction of the Arctic sea ice regime has opened new possibilities for shipping in Greenland waters, ranging from small pleasure boats to tankers and cruiseships with 1000+ passengers/crew on board. 

Sunday, October 15, 08:00 - 09:00 Despite thinning of the ice and longer operating windows for ships there is an increasing and very significant interest for accurate and timely ice products focused shipping requirements. Greenland Waters are never totally free of ice. Outside the sea ice season glacial ice remain posing a constant hazard to marine activity. The recent implementation of IMO Polar Code and national regulations on mandatory pilotage for larger passenger vessels have highlighted the need for a development of future ice services.


  • Marianne Thyrring, Director General the Danish Meteorological Institute: The importance of ice service and international collaboration
  • Keld Qvistgaard: Senior Ice Advisor, Client Relations Manager: The DMI Greenland Ice Service – new requirements, new possibilities