The potential of offshore geothermal energy in the Arctic – case studies from Iceland and Canada

Organized by North Tech Energy ehf 13. September 2017

The objective of the project is to create a detailed plan for seafloor exploration needed to collect additional information about potential offshore fields that are located in the southwest of Reykjanes and in the north between two peninsulas in northern Iceland, Tröllaskaga and Melrakasléttu. Today offshore geothermal research and exploration techniques rely mainly on techniques used for oil and gas exploration.

Saturday, October 14, 11:20 - 12:20
Location: Hafnarkot, Ground Level

The aim of the project is to adapt the techniques to geothermal exploration standards known for onshore exploration.Geothermal energy has been utilized on land for over 100 years. The world´s geothermal resources have the potential to be one of the largest sustainable renewable energy options. With rising energy prices and increased knowledge of geothermal utilization the idea of developing and using offshore energy becomes more and more attractive. Europe and the rest of the world have a great offshore geothermal potential, in areas that have not yet been explored. By developing offshore geothermal fields in Iceland new approaches and technics will be developed for geothermal utilization. Knowledge of geothermal utilization and development in Iceland is extensive, which makes Iceland well situated in developing this pilot project. The project may serve as a lighthouse project for other potential offshore geothermal fields to be developed around the world in the future.


  • Geir Brynjar Hagalinsson, CEO & Founder North Tech Energy: How to utilize Offshore Geothermal Energy around Iceland. Cross Fertilization with Oil and Gas Industry
  • Bjarni Richter, Marketing- and Project Manager, Senior Geologist Iceland Geosurvey (ISOR): Potential of Geothermal Energy of the Coast of Iceland. The Difference Between Onshore and Offshore Geothermal Fields
  • Odd-Geir Lademo Research Manager at SINTEF: Industrial Partnerships and R&D portfolio to realize Offshore Geothermal Energy


Ágústa Ýr Þorbergsdóttir, Director, NAVIGO