The Role of Arctic & Global Think Tanks in Arctic Policy Making

Organized by the Observatoire des Think Tanks/Think Tanks Observatory 26. August 2016

Saturday, October 8, 17:15-18:45

Location: Main Hall, Þjóðmenningarhúsið (National Centre for Cultural Heritage)

In the past decade, many think tanks around the world have started working on Arctic and Antarctic affairs. Moreover, some think tanks dedicated to Polar affairs have been created inside and outside the Arctic states. This breakout session will discuss the impact of think tanks in shaping Arctic and Antarctic policy, security and economic development.

In this breakout session, the European Think Tanks Observatory will also present its new “Arctic and Antarctic Think Tanks Directory” and “Arctic and Antarctic Think Tanks Transparency label”.

The public, the media, administrations and decision-makers all increasingly rely on the input of think tanks to understand what is happening in the Arctic and Antarctic, what is at stake there, what is likely to happen there and how they should mitigate and respond to the increasing ecological, socio-economic and security risks these region face.

But what is a “think tank”, really? Who do they work with and for? What is their degree of financial and political transparency?


  • Olivier Urrutia, CEO, European Think Tanks Observatory, EU: Hey, What is a Think Tank, Actually?
  • Timo Rautajoki, President & CEO, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Finland: Think Tanks as Bridges Between the Arctic Business and Policy Worlds
  • Aleqa Hammond MP, Member of the Danish Parliament, Greenland: Reflexions on the Influence of Think Tanks in Shaping Today and Tomorrow’s Arctic
  • Anželika Krastiņa, Lecturer, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland: Case Study: “Think Barents” - an Arctic Think Tank
  • Mikaa Mered, Chief Strategy Officer, European Think Tanks Observatory, EU: Presentation of the Observatory’s Arctic & Antarctic Think Tanks Transparency Label