Western Nordic Arctic Development Workshop

Organised by Ramboll and Maine North Atlantic Development Office 17. October 2015

The break out session will discuss how Iceland and Greenland can develop business with support for neighboring North Atlantic nations. The West Nordic Council will present their organisation and funding opportunities. Two cases will be presented: North Atlantic Energy Network and Nuuk City Strategy Plan.

Main questions to be discussed in the workshop: What opportunities will the North Atlantic Energy Network provide for business and society development? How can Nuuk achieve an increased international position in the Arctic?

How can Atlantic neighbors as Maine, Canada, Great Britain and Norway, contribute to this region’s development?


  • Erla Björk Þorgeirsdóttir, Project Manager, Icelandic National Energy Authority
  • Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir, Member of the Icelandic Parliament
  • Inga Dora Markussen, General-Secretary, West Nordic Council


  • Nils Arne Johnsen, Arctic Director, Ramboll
  • Dana Eidsness, Director, Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO)