Whales: New Ambassadors in the Ocean Providing Breakthrough Technology and Data Collection

Organized by Lífríki 18. October 2015


  • Sigmar Guðbjörnsson, CEO, Star-Oddi: Innovative tag to study Humpback Whales.
  • Peter Skovgaard Rasch, Director, Collaboration and Innovation, Danish Meteorological Institute: The whale as a ocean science monitoring platform.
  • Edda Elísabet Magnúsdóttir, Head of Education and Science, Lífríki: Tagging humpback whales for gaining novel insight into the oceans.
  • Hallur Hallsson, Senior Partner, Project Leader, the Lífríki Foundation: The Lífriki Foundation.
  • Peter Hagen, Senior Partner, Director of International Sales and Market Development, Lífriki International: How to bring Lífriki into the international market.
  • Tatiana Lyng Pedersen, Game Director, Cape Copenhagen: Creating Kid Scientists.


  • Magnús Jónatansson, Senior Partner and Project Leader, Lífriki Marketing