What Can Arctic Stakeholders and Researchers Learn from Each Other?

Organized by EU-PolarNet and the European Polar Board 17. October 2015

European polar research has for many years contributed critical knowledge to identifying the processes behind rapid changes in the Arctic, but, in contrast to lower latitudes, datasets from the Polar Regions are still insufficient to fully understand and effectively predict effects on our climate and society.

By adopting a higher degree of coordination of polar research, infrastructure, and logistics than has existed previously, the European Commission's new "EU-PolarNet" project brings together 22 internationally respected European research institutions, engaging actors on national, European and international levels. This session will bring together relevant Arctic research projects and organisations that exemplify the sharing of knowledge with strong engagement with society. Panelists will discuss the topic "connecting science with society."


  • Andrea Tilche, Head of Climate Action and Earth Observation Unit, European Commission: EC statement on its role in Arctic research for society.
  • Nicole Biebow, Head of International Cooperation Unit, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (Alfred Wegener Institute); Project Manager, EU-PolarNet: EU-PolarNet aims and planned activities.
  • Adam Stepien, PhD Candidate, EU European Arctic Information Centre and Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: Challenging, rewarding, disappointing and risky – consultations for assessments and policy-making: EUAIC experience.
  • WiesÅ‚aw Ziaja, Vice President, Polish Polar Consortium: Polish Polar Consortium Aims and Activities.


  • Karin Lochte, Director, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research Alfred Wegener Institute
  • Jeremy Wilkinson, Coordinator of ICE-ARC, British Antarctic Survey
  • Paul Holthus, CEO and President, World Ocean Council
  • Yves Frenot, Director of the French Polar Institute, IPEV
  • Kirsi Latola, Director, UArctic Thematic Networks
  • Volker Rachold, Executive Secretary, International Arctic Science Committee


  • Renuka Badhe, Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board (EPB)