Whose Arctic Security? Broadening the Security Agenda in the Arctic Region.

Organized by the Hull Marine and Maritime Institute (University of Hull, UK) 15. August 2016

Friday, October 7, 17:00-18:30

Location: Silfurberg B, Harpa Second Level

The ‘Whose Arctic Security?’ breakout session (2016) will build upon last year’s session entitled ‘Security Concerns in the Arctic’. This was a successful and energetic session with over sixty delegates in attendance. 

Expanding upon a number of the concerns and issues raised last year, we seek to broaden the agenda of security and highlight that ‘security’ should not just be discussed in terms of ‘states, militaries and power’. Instead, when discussing the Arctic region, security should be broadly conceived. Thus, this panel will not only touch upon great power politics, military power, environmental security and the Arctic, but will also broaden out to discuss historical, cultural and literary perceptions of Arctic security.


    • James I. Rogers, Associate Lecturer in International Politics, University of York: Culture, Strategy and Security.
    • Caroline Kennedy, Professor of War Studies, Director of the Hull Maritime and Marine Institute: Russia, India and the Arctic.
    • Michele Olivier, Reader, School of Politics, Philosophy and International Relations, University of Hull: Indigenous Securities and Insecurities: Environmental Security & Sustainable Development.
    • Emma Butcher, AHRC-funded Doctoral Candidate in English Literature, University of Hull: Arctic Security in the Literary and Cultural Imagination.
    • Tom Arnbom, Senior Conservation Officer, WWF Sweden: Why We Need a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Arctic.