Arctic Science from Research to Practice: Kingdom of Denmark

22. August 2017

Denmark’s Ministry of Higher Education and Science is organising a session with Ministers from Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands to hold a dialogue with scientists on how research can act as a propeller for the development of Arctic societies.

Photo: Morten Rasch

Increased knowledge about the Arctic is crucial for making the world richer and more sustainable. Research may help the Arctic region to utilise the positive potential of fishing for new species, developing tourism or benefitting from the easier access to mineral resources. Such knowledge is vital for the international community and for Arctic communities in particular so that they may react to developments currently taking place in the region.

The Kingdom of Denmark is strongly positioned to create this kind of knowledge within the social sciences, humanities, technical sciences, medicine and health. In this session, present and future research contributions of the Kingdom of Denmark to the development of the Arctic will be explored. The session will start with top researchers' perspectives on how their research contributes to the development of Arctic societies, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from the political stage and business sectors in Greenland and the Faroe Islands, shedding light on the need for research to support decision-making in a modern Arctic in a global world and how results can be implemented.

Photo: Morten Rasch

Short scientific presentations

  • Frits Köster, Technical University of Denmark
  • Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Peter Bjerregaard, Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Anne Merrild Hansen, Head of AAU Arctic, Aalborg University

Panel discussion

  • Karen Ellemann, Danish Minister for Fisheries and Equal Opportunities; Minister for Nordic Cooperation
  • Doris J. Jensen, Minister for Education, Culture, Research and Church, Greenland
  • Rigmor Dam Minister of Education, Research and Culture, Faroe Islands
  • Minik Rosing Professor, The Natural History Museum of Denmark/chairman, Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland)
  • Maliina Abelsen Chief Commercial Officer, Air Greenland
  • Ólavur Ellefsen Entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board, University of the Faroe Islands

Moderator: Katherine Richardson, Professor, Natural History Museum of Denmark