Arms race and disarmament in the Russian-US Arctic dialogue

Organized by the University of the Arctic’s and Northern Research Forum’s Thematic Network (TN) on Geopolitics and Security 25. August 2017

Where has disarmament taken us and what is its future? Hear Russian and American perspectives on the military policies and defence strategies in the Arctic since the Cold War in a breakout session organized by the Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security.

This session will discuss the arms race, militarization, as well as the military policies and defense strategies, in the post-Cold War Arctic. In addition, it will discuss prospects for arms control and disarmament in the Arctic. The session will focus on the military: policies and defense strategies of the United States and the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

The Bering Strait


  • Andrei Zagorski, Professor and Head of Department, Institute of World Economy and International Relations of RAS: State of Arctic security – a Russian Point of View
  • Michael T. Corgan, Associate professor, Pardee School at Boston University: America First or Arctic first: Changing US Priorities for the Arctic
  • Valery Konyshev, St. Petersburg State University: Russian Military Modernization Programs’ Implications for the Regional Security Regime in the Arctic
  • Karen Everett, PhD Candidate, Trent University, Ontario: North American Arctic Border