Game Night: Arctic Choices! A Sustainable Development Simulation

Organized by the WWF Global Arctic Programme, Guggenheim Partners and the Natural Capital Project 29. August 2016

Better understanding the connections between ecosystem services and human development options and patterns can lead to improved outcomes for people, biodiversity and ecosystems function. However, many people and institutions do not recognize the benefits they derive from nature, nor the way their decisions directly and indirectly affect those benefits – and the consequences for communities and the economy.

One method for highlighting ecosystem services and their values to people is through simulation-based learning. The WWF Global Arctic Program, the Natural Capital Project and Guggenheim Partners are hosting a Game Night before the Welcome Reception of the 2016 Arctic Circle Assembly.

Through the simulation game Arctic Tradeoffs!, participants will learn how different activities may impact, depend on, or benefit Arctic ecosystems and biodiversity. The game introduces the key ideas in ecosystem services assessments and the utility of a natural capital approach for improving decision-making in an easy and entertaining way.