MSV Nordica Icebreaking Vessel

Arctia Offshore Ltd. MSC Nordica at the 2017 Arctic Circle Assembly 13. September 2017

In celebration of the centenary of Finland's independence – Finland 100 – Arctia Ltd. is sending the icebreaker MSV Nordica to the Arctic Circle Assembly. She will be docked at Reykjavík's Miðbakki berth just a stone's throw from Harpa.

Book a meeting space

Hold your meetings, do your networking or celebrate on board the Finnish multipurpouse icebreaker Nordica. Arctic Circle Assembly participants will be able to book meeting space and conference rooms, networking and reception facilities, on board the vessel at as we come closer to the Assembly.

Vessel History

In addition to transiting the Northeast Passage, the MSV Nordica also holds records for the earliest-season and latest-season transits of the Northwest Passage. In July 2017, the vessel executed the Arctic 100 Expedition, introducing the idea of joint use of the world's icebreakers for research purposes in polar areas.

Technical info

MSV Nordica is a multifunctional icebreaking vessel that can be equipped for laying pipes and cables, assisting research, and the building of subsea or surface structures such as offshore wind installations.

Partners and organizations planning to hold meetings during the Arctic Circle Assembly can hire space on board MSV Nordica for their events. The vessel has a mess hall with a maximum capacity of 40 persons and a day room for more exclusive events, with a maximum capacity of 20 persons. Assembly attendees will be able to book these unique meeting spaces online on Availability is subject to terms assigned by the vessel’s owner, Arctia Offshore Ltd.

Take a tour

The vessel will be open to the public through a restricted tour on board on Friday and Saturday (October 13-14) from 10:00 until 14:00 and Sunday (October 15) from 12:00 to 14:00.

MSV Nordica Arctia