Panel: Security of the Arctic

Convener: Lassi Heininen, Professor, University of Lapland 2. October 2016

The Thematic Network (TN) on Geopolitics and Security will, again, organize an international academic expert panel on “Security of the Arctic” in three breakout sessions.

Themes range from theorizing and unilateralizing Arctic security and national security and military policies to redefining the new nexus of Arctic security. Security will be discussed theoretically and holistically from many angles and disciplinary approaches, as well as in global, national, regional and pan-Arctic contexts. Each session will accommodate 4-5 speakers from all over the Arctic region, among them are Jonathan Markowitz from the USA, Annika Nilsson from Sweden, Alexander Sergunin from Russia.

Friday, October 7th: 15:30-17:00

Arctic Security: Theorizing / Thematizing Arctic Security – A Shift From Military Vacuum To Global Military Balance, And From Unilateral National (Military) Security To Comprehensive (Environmental) Security

Location: Silfurberg A, Harpa Second Level

Saturday, October 8th: 17:15-18:45

Arctic Security: Unilateralizing Arctic Security – National Security, Military Policies, Defense Strategies, And State Sovereignty In The Globalized Arctic

Location: Silfurberg A, Harpa Second Level

Sunday, October 9th: 16:30-18:30

Arctic Security: (Re)Defining The New Nexus Of Arctic Security – Resources, Energy, The Environment, Climate Change, Regional Development And Regional Security Complexes

Location: Björtuloft, Harpa Fifth Level