What Kind of Arctic Do We Need?

An interactive plenary session on Arctic climate change organized with the Woods Hole Research Center 5. September 2016

The rapid changes currently underway in the Arctic threaten to have catastrophic regional and global consequences. Stakeholders in Arctic regions want to know: What will the consequences mean for them?

What impacts will the melting of land and sea ice have for weather patterns and sea level, regionally and globally? How will changes in the jet stream and ocean currents affect extreme weather in places like Europe and North America? How long will it take for the global consequences of a warming arctic to take effect? And how long do we have to prevent the most damaging global outcomes?

In this session, a panel of scientists and policy experts will explore these questions by highlighting the interconnectedness of the earth's systems, and discuss how industry inside and outside of the Arctic could be impacted by Arctic climate change. What kind of Arctic must the world have? This session aims not only to share information about the impacts of a changing Arctic, but to encourage stakeholders to ponder what this might mean to them.


  • Melting Land Ice and Sea Levels: Philip Duffy, President of WHRC and Former Senior Climate Analyst in the Obama Administration
  • Extreme Weather: Jennifer Francis, Research Professor, Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • Permafrost Thaw: Sue Natali, Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
  • Policy Solutions: Rafe Pomerance, Former Assistant Deputy Secretary of State and Chairman of the Arctic 21 Network