Arctic Hubs:

Building Dynamic Economies and Sustainable Communities in the North

May 8-9, 2018

The Nordic House in Tórshavn

Co-organized by the Arctic Circle and the Government of the Faroe Islands

The Arctic Circle Faroe Islands Forum will be held in Tórshavn, May 8-9 2018. Organized in cooperation with the Government of the Faroe Islands, the Forum will bring together high-level policy makers, business leaders, researchers and other stakeholders from across the North and the wider international community to explore the successes and challenges in building dynamic economies and sustainable communities in the Arctic.

Innovations for sustainable economic development

  • Prospects for new businesses in the Arctic region, new approaches to strengthening existing businesses: fishing, shipping, energy, tourism.

Modern transport and digital infrastructure

  • Exploring priorities for maritime and telecommunications investments to promote advancement and growth

Dynamic communities

  • Creating and stimulating new employment opportunities to meet demographic challenges in the Arctic through education, research and innovation