The mission of the Arctic Circle is to facilitate dialogue and build relationships to address rapid changes in the Arctic. With sea ice levels at their lowest point in recorded history, the world's major political and economic leaders and the media are now recognizing the importance of the region and the challenges and opportunities this presents for all of us.

The Arctic Circle will serve as a crucial venue for dialogue on Arctic issues, and will strengthen the decision-making process by bringing together international partners to interact in an open assembly format.


Participants in the Arctic Circle include a range of global decision-makers from all sectors, including political and business leaders, indigenous representatives, nongovernmental and environmental representatives, policy and thought leaders, scientists, experts, activists, students and media.

The 2013 assembly drew more than 1,200 influential stakeholders from 40 nations—all eight Arctic nations as well as France, China, India, Germany, Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. The inaugural meeting proved to be the largest and most diverse gathering of its kind.


Within the Arctic Circle, organizations and individuals will decide their own agendas and convene their own meetings, maintaining full institutional independence, identity and decision-making capabilities.

This annual assembly is a new mechanism for existing institutions, organizations, forums, think tanks, corporations and public associations to reach a global audience in an efficient way.



The Arctic Circle aims to support, complement and extend the reach of the work of the Arctic Council by facilitating a broad exchange of ideas and information at an open gathering held in mid-October of each year.


The Arctic is the fastest-warming place on Earth. As a result, it is moving
to center stage and is playing a significant role in issues such as globalization,
economic development, energy exploration, environmental protection and
international security. Plans for resource use and new sea routes linking
Asia to Europe and America have led to an increased focus on the region,
for better or worse.

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October 31–November 2, 2014, the Arctic Circle assembly will be held once again in Reykjavík, Iceland, at the Harpa Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The following year, 2015, we plan to hold the event in Anchorage, Alaska. Future mid-year meetings for smaller groups are being planned in Greenland and Singapore.

Please stay tuned for further details in the coming months as our plans
take shape.

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