Program News

From Alaska to Lapland – Local Voices Strengthening Arctic Council Chairmanships

Organized by: Institute of the North and the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland) (24. August 2016)

This roundtable discussion will reflect on Alaska’s experience in coordinating a sub-national host committee, which has organized side events during the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, on the margins of SDWG and SAO meetings. Alaskan speakers will share their experience in convening a diverse group of community, political, economic and indigenous leaders; and methodology related to advancing areas of interest to the state. 


Oil Expansion and Climate Litigation

Organized by Greenpeace (2. August 2016)

Following a wave of legal cases around the world, a coalition of organizations in Norway is considering legal action against the government's announced 23rd oil and gas license round in Arctic waters, invoking paragraph 112 of the Constitution, which protects the right of future generations to a healthy environment.


Arctic Renewable Energy Network

Organized by NORA (The Nordic Atlantic Cooperation) and Bellona (14. July 2016)

The North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) committee of the Nordic Council of Ministers is organizing a session together with the Bellona Foundation on an Arctic Renewable Energy Grid.


Minister for Foreign Affairs — Finland

Timo Soini, Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs, will address the Opening Session of the the 2016 Arctic Circle Assembly.  (18. July 2016)

Minister Soini's attendance comes two years after President Sauli Niinistö's own attendance in 2014.



2015 Assembly

Over 2000 participants from 50 countries attended the 2015 Arctic Circle Assembly. President of France François Hollande gave a keynote speech discussing the importance of the Arctic as an arena for international climate action leading up to the COP21 Paris Climate Conference. Delegations from China and Germany represented Chinese and German business, research, and policy in the Arctic.


Greenland Forum

With over 350 participants from 20 countries, the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum was the largest international gathering on the Arctic ever to have been held in Greenland. Organized in cooperation with the Government of Greenland -- Naalakkersuisut -- the Forum focused on economic development for the peoples of the Arctic. 

The Forum's speakers addressed issues of the human dimension of industrial projects, examined various forms of indigenous empowerment and representation, shared concrete examples of business plans and initiatives, and envisioned a future of mental well-being in the Arctic.