Arctic Circle VIRTUAL

Mission Councils

The purpose of Arctic Circle Mission Councils is to encourage general activity of the Arctic Circle network beyond the Assembly and Forums. Their mission is to deepen engagement with a designated theme that is of particular relevance and importance in the Arctic.

The Arctic Circle establishes specialized Mission Councils to examine challenges, projects, issues, initiatives, plans and tasks, as well as serving as instruments for dialogue on and exploration of various aspects of the future of the Arctic and our Planet.

Arctic Circle VIRTUAL: open meetings:
Mission Councils regularly hold open meetings for interested individuals through Arctic Circle VIRTUAL either on special aspects or involving some special speakers. Open meetings are designed to enable participation and contributions from interested individuals across the world.

Sessions at the Arctic Circle Assemblies and Forums:
Mission Councils organise Sessions at the Arctic Circle Assemblies and selected Forums. Participants are encouraged to engage in active dialogue during the Sessions.

Council Meetings:
Members of Mission Councils have closed meetings either in-person during Assemblies and Forums or virtually between Arctic Circle events.

Arctic Circle Mission Councils maintain information networks and contacts to those individuals and institutions who are interested in following the work of the Mission Council.

Members of the Mission Councils are individuals who have in their professional capacities been particularly engaged with the themes of that particular Mission Council. Each Mission Council is led by a member who takes responsibility to sustain throughout the year an active dialogue and engagement with the theme.

Mission Councils Memorandum

Mission Council on Greenland in the Arctic

The Arctic Circle Mission Council on Greenland in Arctic was established to facilitate dialogue on the important role of Greenland in the Arctic and it's economical and political development.

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Mission Council on Global Arctic

The Arctic Circle Mission Council on the GlobalArctic was established to examine the many issues related to globalization of the Arctic.

A special website for the Mission Council will be available soon.

Mission Council on Global-Arctic Indigenous Dialogue

The Mission Council on Global-Arctic Indigenous Dialogue will be launched in the coming weeks. It's purpose is to examine the many aspects related to indigenous knowledge and stewardship of the Arctic, as well as our Planet, in an increasingly globalised world.