Early 2021

The Arctic Circle Abu Dhabi Forum


The melting of the Third Pole / Himalayan glaciers carries water security implications for 1.65 billion people, as outlined in the recent Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment. The region will experience profound ecological and geophysical transformations as a result of climate change. The scope of these consequences is not fully understood and scientific data is lacking.

Scientific efforts to understand these phenomena require access to data across borders. The inspiring history of international scientific cooperation in the Arctic, including on glaciological research, is of great significance to the future study of the Third Pole / Himalayan glaciers. The past two decades of Arctic dialogue can offer valuable guiding principles for improving the shared understanding of the glaciers themselves, as well as the consequences of their melting, such as impacts on downstream ecosystems, energy production, agriculture and industry.

In this context, the Arctic Circle and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates have agreed to co-organize an Arctic Circle Forum in early 2021 on the relevance of the experience of international collaboration in the Arctic to the future of the glaciers in the Third Pole / Himalayan region and the water resources of Asia. The leadership of the United Arab Emirates in clean energy research and investment will be highlighted within an exploration of the contributions of the renewable energy transition to the global fight against climate change.

Governments, universities, companies, research institutions, organizations, associations and other partners are invited to submit proposals for Sessions to the Arctic Circle Secretariat. Guidelines will be published soon.