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Arctic Circle
  • Aug 27–29, 2022
  • Katuaq Culture Centre, Nuuk

2022 Arctic Circle Greenland Forum

Climate and Prosperity
Geopolitics and Progress

The Forum is organized in cooperation with Naalakkersuisut - The Government of Greenland.

Accommodation in Nuuk

Arctic Circle has blocked a number of hotel rooms for the participants of the Greenland Forum. For further information on hotel and booking options follow the link below.

Special Tours on August 29th - book now!

Participants of the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum are invited to book special tours on August 29th to enjoy the beautiful city of Nuuk and the surrounding area following the formal program of the Forum.


In addition to Sessions organized by Naalakkersuisut and the Arctic Circle Secretariat, Governments, universities, companies, research institutions, organizations, associations and other partners were invited to submit proposals for Sessions at the Greenland Forum. The deadline for submitting Session Proposals was June 1st.

Logistical Information

Here you can find logistical information regarding flights, accommodation, registration and a schedule of the Greenland Forum.

The Arctic Circle Greenland Forum will be held in Katuaq Culture Centre in Nuuk. The 2022 Forum marks the return of Arctic Circle in Greenland following the success of the 2016 Forum, the largest international forum held in the country at the time. The Focus of the 2022 Greenland Forum will be on:

  • Climate and Prosperity
  • Geopolitics and Progress

Naalakkersuisut Press Release

"We are part of the global community and thus we are continuously seeking to strengthen and expand our circle of friendships and partners, especially among our closest neighbors. Naalakkersuisut – the government of Greenland – aims to see Greenland and our role in creating a peaceful and sustainable development for our society factored into all conversation about the Arctic and Arctic cooperation." -Múte Bourup Egede, Prime Minister of Greenland.

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