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Arctic Circle

Webcast Sessions

A new pillar, created in response to the growing demand for organizing online events under the auspices of Arctic Circle. The format of the Webcast Sessions is similar to Sessions at the Arctic Circle Assemblies and Forums – organized and coordinated by various partners to facilitate information exchange and dialogue.

Arctic Circle Webcast Sessions present a new user-friendly way of bringing the Arctic dialogue online while connecting interesting initiatives, speakers and organizations together. They are organized by entities from all over the world and encourage audience contribution to the dialogue, thereby integrating the core elements of the Arctic Circle Assemblies and Forums. Thus, the Arctic dialogue is kept flowing throughout the year.

Interested in organizing a Webcast Session? Contact the Arctic Circle Secretariat at

NEXT SESSION: Connecting the dots: an Arctic Ocean network for the conservation of marine life

May 24th at 3:00-4:00 pm (GMT): The WWF invites you to take part in a dialogue on ArcNet: An Arctic Ocean Network of Priority Areas for Conservation. The session provides the opportunity to exchange views on and discuss cooperation opportunities linked to Arctic marine conservation efforts.

Upcoming Webcast Sessions

Explore the upcoming Webcast Sessions:

Greenland and Iceland: Arctic Research Strategies and Cooperation

The first half: Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network (IACN), Icelandic Center for Research and Greenland Research Council invite you to take part in a Session on Greenland and Iceland Arctic Research Strategies and priorities, how the National research council/center implement the priorities and explore current and potential research cooperation between the two countries.

Smash the Stigma: Mental Health in the Arctic

The second week of August: Bergið headspace and the Yellow Tulip Project invite you to take part in a dialogue on mental health in the Arctic. Offering tools and safe solutions as well as addressing the issue of mental health is of vital importance in Arctic communities.

Participants from all over the world are encouraged to ask their questions, make comments and be a part of the open democratic dialogue.

LATEST SESSION: International Cooperation to Increase Arctic Security

April 7th, at 3:00-4:30 pm (GMT): The Arctic Circle Mission Council on the GlobalArctic discussed Arctic security and analyzed the statement "high latitudes - low tension".

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