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Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle Business Forum

A New Initiative within the Arctic Circle Framework

The Arctic Circle Business Forum, a new initiative, will be launched at the upcoming Assembly, 17-19 October.

The Business Forum builds on ten years of Arctic Circle's successful operations, during which many businesses and financial institutions have credited their participation as instrumental for development and success. The Arctic Circle Business Forum participants will benefit from a wide range of connections, opportunities and networking events, along with discussions on future trends, entrepreneurship and finance. A key element of the Forum will be to highlight sustainable business development and industry best practices for ethical and equitable engagements.

During the Assembly’s three days, the program of the Business Forum will include a diverse array of sessions, including high-level discussions on the Plenary stage, as well as sessions by invitation only, specialized programs and abundant networking opportunities. The Business Forum will concentrate on the following areas:

  • Blue Economy
  • Clean Energy Transition
  • Financial Resources and Investment Opportunities
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Natural Resource Development
  • Tourism
  • Transportation

A key part of the Business Forum will be an emphasis on networking events with the possibility to forge connections with entrepreneurs, industry pioneers, financial institutions and global stakeholders. Companies and their representatives can also make use of the Business Forum to:

  1. Organize Sessions
  2. Organize separate programs around:
    a. Board meetings
    b. Company visits and retreats
    c. Knowledge exchanges
  3. Bring customers, clients and others to the Business Forum. E.g:
    a. Selective customers
    b. Potential clients
    c. Board members
    d. Senior staff

As the program is currently being developed, the Arctic Circle Secretariat would be honored to receive your comments and proposals to organize Sessions at the Business Forum. The deadline for proposals is July 15th and can be submitted here.

For those interested in partnering with Arctic Circle and becoming special Business Forum Members or Partners with enhanced exclusivity, please contact Friðrika Geirsdóttir,