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Arctic Circle

Proposal Guidelines for the Greenland Forum

The Arctic Circle Secretariat is now accepting Proposals for Sessions at the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum to be held in Nuuk.

Proposals will be considered for Sessions running a maximum of 60 minutes. Sessions will be held either in Plenary or as Sessions running in parallel.

Proposals must include the following:

  • The Session's proposed name (80 characters maximum)
  • Organizing body/bodies
  • Contact person
  • Description of the Session
  • List of speakers and speaker topics, indicating confirmation status

At least half of proposed speakers must be confirmed by the time of submission.

Diversity among speaker backgrounds, affiliations and nationality is encouraged.


Governments, institutions, organizations, universities, think tanks, companies and other such bodies are eligible to submit Proposals. Proposals received from individuals will be considered to the extent that integrating them into existing Sessions is possible.

Proposals must indicate the Session topic's relevance to the Forum's themes:

  • Climate and Prosperity
  • Geopolitics and Progress
Submit your Proposal before June 1st, 2022

Do you have any questions?

Please direct any inquiries about the Greenland Forum to

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