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Arctic Circle
  • Nov 8–10, 2023
  • Paris, France

The One Planet Summit for Glaciers and Poles

Arctic Circle is a partner in the One Planet Summit
Hosted by the President of France, H.E. Emmanuel Macron

One Planet - Polar Summit

The November 2023 edition of the Paris Peace Forum "Seeking Common Grounds in a World of Rivalry" hosted this One Planet Summit at a time when, subject to growing geopolitical tensions and increasing economic exploitation, the already fragile glacial and polar worlds are under threat to their ecosystems.

For the first time, researchers and scientists from over forty glacial and polar nations met in Paris to share their findings and observations with IPCC and IPBES experts, as well as with the heads of international institutions, NGOs, representatives of Indigenous peoples and local communities, the private sector involved in these regions, and the political leaders of countries present in the Arctic, Antarctic and glacial worlds.

The summit also involved remote participation of researchers from the various scientific stations at the poles and glaciers, international polar operators and great figures in polar and glacial exploration.

The National Museum of Natural History

A scientific forum bringing together the international scientific community was held on November 8 and 9 at and with the National Museum of Natural History.

The political segment with leaders and figures from the glacial and polar worlds, to be joined by the French President, took place on November 10 at the National Museum of Natural History.

The Paris Summit: One Planet and the Poles

Listen to the Session at the Arctic Circle Assembly to learn more about the objectives of the Summit.

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