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Arctic Circle

Over 800 Photos from a Fantastic 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly

The 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly was a great success! With over 2000 participants attending over 200 sessions, Receptions and other Networking Events. View over 800 Photos from fantastic days in Reykjavík.



Arctic Circle Abu Dhabi Forum

The Arctic Circle Abu Dhabi Forum is organized in association with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Theme: Third Pole - Himalaya and the Arctic Model


Arctic Circle Japan Forum

Science - Geopolitics - Economy -
Oceans - Climate - Technology


2022 Arctic Circle Assembly

The 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly was held in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland on 13-16 October.


Nordurslod - The North Path

A Gateway to New International Dialogue, Innovation and Constructive Action.
A 21st Century Hub for Global Climate Cooperation and Sustainable Future of the Arctic.

Mission Statement by the Board of the Grimsson Centre.

The Arctic Circle – UAE: Third Pole Process

A comprehensive effort to introduce the Arctic model of collaboration to the Third Pole region.

The Arctic Circle Prize

The Arctic Circle Prize is awarded for extraordinary contributions to the continuous work of securing a sustainable and prosperous future in the Arctic.

The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award

Action-oriented scientific initiatives that serve to promote and raise awareness of promising projects which address climate change through concrete actions and plans.


Historic Speech by the Prime Minister of Greenland

H.E. Múte B. Egede at the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum 2022


NEW PODCAST: The New Arctic Policy of the Faroe Islands

Listen to the latest Arctic Circle Podcast on the new Arctic Policy of the Faroe Islands.

2022 Arctic Circle Greenland Forum

The Arctic Circle Greenland Forum - Greenland in the Global Arctic: Climate and Prosperity, Geopolitics and Progress - took place in Nuuk on August 27-29 2022. The Forum was organized in association with Naalakkersuisut - the Government of Greenland.

400 participants from 25 countries took part and over 50 Sessions were organized at the Forum!


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Topical Videos

H.E. Rt Hon. Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada

Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the Military Committee, NATO

H.E. Múte B. Egede, Prime Minister of Greenland

Smash the Stigma: Mental Health in the Arctic

The U.S. Arctic Vision

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