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Arctic Circle
  • Oct 13–16, 2022
  • Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre

2022 Arctic Circle Assembly

The 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly was held in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland on 13-16 October.

The Arctic Circle 2022 was a Great Success

The 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly was a great success! With over 2000 participants attending over 200 sessions, Receptions and other Networking Events. Videos are now available on our youtube channel and you may view over 800 Photos from fantastic days in Reykjavík.

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Speakers Included

Governor General of Canada
Crown Prince of Norway
President of the Republic of Estonia
Prime Minister of Greenland
Prime Minister of Iceland
Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Development, Singapore
Chair of the Military Committee, NATO
International Chair, Inuit Circumpolar Council
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Iceland
Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, LCCN; President, Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
General Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India
Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate, Iceland
Counselor of the U.S. Department of State
Director-General, Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

2022 Program

View the exciting program of the 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly with 600+ speakers in over 200 sessions!

Faroese Night

The Final Night Reception, hosted by the Faroe Islands, was an extraordinary evening filled with networking, laughter, and vibrant cultural celebration. The event featured captivating performances from Tróndur and Lív, as well as the folk-rock band Hamradun.

Alfred Wegener Institute and MOSAiC Expedition

The Arctic Circle Prize 2022 was presented to Alfred Wegener Institute and MOSAiC Expedition. A great certification for the expedition's extraordinary contribution to the continuous work of securing a sustainable and prosperous future in the Arctic and for enhancing a more comprehensive understanding of the pace of climate change in the world.

Special Tours on Sunday, October 16th

For the past years, participants at the Arctic Circle Assembly have been invited to book Special Tours on the last day of the Assembly. The tours offer adventures in Iceland with expert guides. Click below to view the Special Tours available in 2022.

Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award

For the second year in a row, the Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award was awarded at the Arctic Circle Assembly. The Award is given to an action-oriented scientific initiative that aims to reverse the dramatic effects of climate change in a concrete way. The Winners of the 2022 Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award are: Professor Hanne H. Christiansen and Associate Professor Marius O. Jonassen. Their winning project aims to develop an advanced permafrost and meteorological climate change response system in order to build resilience in Arctic communities.

Carbon Offsetting Flights to the Assembly

Arctic Circle is conscious of the carbon footprint of each Assembly participant traveling to Iceland. Arctic Circle is proud of its collaboration with Icelandair airlines who carbon offset participants Icelandair flights, free of charge.

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